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Whether your goal is to stop smoking, remove weight, improve sport performance, enhance self-confidence, reduce stress, or manage pain (without drugs), we can help by providing you with a personalized and comprehensive Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy program designed to ensure your success.

Advanced Clinical & Sports Hypnotherapy

provided by
Dr. Jeff Kramer, DC, PhD, DCBCN, CWC, CHt
Certified Clinical & Sports Hypnotherapist, National Guild of Hypnotists & NESTA
Certified Professional Wellness Coach, World Coach Institute
Board Certified & Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition, CBCN

Hypnosis can help you succeed where you may have never thought success was possible before!

Hypnosis is one of the fastest growing fields in health care. Through the power of one's own mind, we can help individuals achieve their optimal human potential. Because of its ability to reach deep into the foundations of the subconscious mind and create lasting change, hypnosis is an ideal approach to almost any challenge. Here are just a few areas where hypnosis has been successfully used:  

          Stress Reduction           Concentration            Stage Fright
          Stop Smoking                Test Anxiety                Women’s Issues
          Feeling Down                 Procrastination          Shyness
          Remove Fears                Weight Loss                Mood Improvement 
          Motivation                      Self-Esteem                Children’s Issues
          Public Speaking             Self-Confidence          Sports Performance
          Anger Issues                  Habit Removal
          Goal-Setting                   Childbirth

Medically-Referred and Clinically Diagnosed Issues*:
          Pain Management        Alcohol Abuse
          Diabetes                         Depression
          Abuse Issues                  Anxiety 
          Drug Abuse                    Sexual Issues

*Please note: For your safety, we require a note/prescription from your primary care provider before working with any medically-diagnosed issues.

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